More embarrassing photos, but it is SO worth it!

Saturday just passed was a pretty big day and I had been looking forward to it for ages. It was my good friends hens day AND my five year anniversary with Boyfriend (and before you ask, no, there was no ring. Consider that bud nipped). I had planned a really special dinner for us at Guillame @ Bennelong and I wanted to look gorgeous for the occasion.

Along with a hairdressers appointment and beauty therapist visit, I had been saving an SK-II mask that I had been kindly sent to trial, just for this occasion. I figured two birds, one stone. I told you about the SK-II Facial Treatment Mask a few weeks ago, and I was pretty impressed by it. I was even more impressed by the Skin Signature 3D Redefining Mask. Tutti frutti she’s a beauty!

The mask comes in two parts for maximum coverage of the saggy bits (your double chin deserves some love too). Also, your skin has different needs on different parts of your face (think how different your oily forehead is to your hormonal chin). It goes on easily and all you have to do for 15 minutes is chill. I’m pretty good at that. In fact, I rock at chilling out; I should put that on my resume. Anyway, I was so glowy afterwards, the sun was jealous. Don’t think I’m trying to sound conceited, I’m merely telling you how great this product worked. My skin looked plump and healthy. My makeup seemed to shine that little bit extra. My skin felt good and, ergo, I felt good. I have a couple of weddings coming up, so I will be investing in a box of these masks to prep my skin for the hectic one-after-the-other schedule. Honestly…box of 6 masks is the same as 2 facials in a salon.

Price: $190 for 6 masks
From: SK-II
Why you need it: For the instant gratification of glowy skin now and anti-aging benefits that target wrinkles and sagging.

PS – I had vanilla bean creme brulee with green apple sorbet, green apple jelly and mini doughnuts balls at Guillame and it was AMAZING!

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