Let’s get physical…physical…

When I was tweeting about my experience with the Tracy Anderson DVD last week, a few of you asked me what I thought and would I write about it? I borrowed the DVD from my good friend Kat and she has given it a thorough working over on her blog, but I thought I would throw my scathing 2c in because that’s kind of the point of a blog, isn’t it?

I wasn’t impressed. As Kat points out, I said “It’s hard, but for the wrong reasons. She isn’t a good instructor. Her moves felt like an 8 year old trying to choreograph a routine in her backyard after 6 months of dance lessons.” In person she might be different, but the DVD is not easy to follow even for the most seasoned dancer (I did elite level irish dancing for 17 years, plus loads of jazz and ballet, so I come from coordinated breeding). She doesn’t explain things well and the routine isn’t logical to follow. In fact, the routine isn’t logical at all. Have you ever seen a young girl choreographing her own routine? Not terribly musical or rhythmical; basically a mish-mash of everything she has learnt in her beginner jazz class. That is more or less what the Tracy Anderson “method” feels like. Jazz ballet circa 1993.

While it might be specifically designed to work all the right muscles, I didn’t enjoy it. And there is no point forcing yourself to endure something you don’t like. I’m just glad I didn’t pay for it (sorry, Kat!)

Price: $25.99
From: JB Hi-fi
Why you need it: Who doesn’t like jumping around the lounge room to bad music while looking like a ninny?!

Picture credit: jbhifionline.com.au

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