Grrr baby, very grrr

When the weather started to turn a few weeks ago, I got really excited and went a little nuts. New shoes, new pants, new cardigan, new scarf. And that was just in one day! Of course, when you buy new stuff, you want to wear it straight away (I’m fairly certain that’s a Universal Rule Of Shopping). I managed to get two wears out of my new scarf and then the Indian summer hit and I’m back to maxi dresses and sandals for work. Not that I’m complaining, because I absolutely adore the warmer weather, but I’m getting anxious here. I just have to keep reassuring myself that the cold will be here soon and then I’ll want it gone again.

Meanwhile, how crazy is this weather?! Floods and hail and 30 degrees…I don’t know whether to wear gumboots or thongs. Peace out to my Perth peeps in your time of muddy need.

I bought this supercute scarf from French Connection and it’s pretty much going to be my every day staple. I love the leopard print – it means it has personality and will be my statement piece, which kind of feels like a cop out because I more or less live in grey and black for winter. How could I not make a statement in a Leezy Leopard Scarf?! Grr baby.

Price: $39.95
From: French Connection
Why you need it: You’ll want to keep warm when autumn eventually decides to show up.

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