Wispa sweet nothings to me…

Honestly, Cadbury should put me on the payroll. Coles are currently stocking Wispa Gold’s, which are a UK Cadbury bar and OMG SO GOOD! Wispa’s are basically aero/bubbly bars, and then the gold is added with a layer of caramel. Cadbury’s in the UK has a different formula to Australian chocolate because of the difference in climates – their chocolate is a little more powdery, whilst ours has a different chemical make up to prevent melting in the heat.

Anyway, this is usually the kind of product you would only find in Sugar Fix or Treats From Home, and there it is in Coles, with a ‘Made in the United Kingdom, Imported by Coles’ sticker on the back. Kudos to you, Coles, you are going to make me very fat.

Price: $1.85 or on special 3 for $3
From: Coles
Why you need it: So Yummy!! We don’t have anything like it.

Picture credit: osde8info on flickr

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  1. Teneal

    February 7, 2010 at 11:25 am

    I LOVE these. I do remember when they bought out the original Wispa here years ago. I wish they still had it.

    My diet doesn't like them though 🙁

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