Winner! Winner! Chicken dinner!

Yay! Pats on the back all round this morning…everyone is a winner. Actually, that’s not true. Only certain people are winners.

Hurray for Rebecca S. and Kathleen C. who found the code word; it was shiny and it was hidden in the image next to the comb. Your parcels will be in the post as soon as I can get down to the post office.

Thanks to everyone who entered the Paraiso competition – I have loved reading all your beauty tips and I’m going to compile a post so we can all share in your wisdom. The winners were Melissa B, Joanna G, Katie O, Andrea S, Noelle L, Akisa, Joanna T, Leanne R, Anna M and Ali B. Kickass!

Thanks for playing everyone!
Image brazenly stolen from spacesick‘s photostream on flickr, because I use this expression far more than I should

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