Q10 + dull skin = super crime-fighting glow

I have been going pretty hardcore on the Q10 lately. Before I even start, I dare you to think about Q10 and not get that Nivea ad stuck in your head where the adorable Japanese girl says Q10 in her awesome accent, whilst doing the peace sign. Anyway…Co-enzyme Q10. Yes. Definitely excellent.

Trilogy originally had this amazing little serum in booster capsules, but to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the Age Proof range recently, Trilogy gave it a makeover into a beautiful little dropper bottle. Smart move, Trilogy. Everyone loves a makeover when there’s a celebration!

So what’s so good about CoQ10 Booster Serum? Everything, that’s what. CoenzymeQ10 is a basic human chemical that our internal organs need to function. When we apply it topically it helps to produce collagen, which helps our skin repair. This magic juice combats dull, tired skin so that you glow. Glow, I tell you! The intensive antioxidant also contains Tamanu oil to moisturise skin, boost elasticity, firm and smooth. All those horrible, yucky things that happen as we get older and don’t treat out skin right (air-con, coffee, bad diet, no exercise, total lack of sleep – I just described myself). Honestly, it makes my skin look juicy and not in an oily way, but in a plump, healthy way (like fresh fruit).

I massage it in at night after I cleanse my face so that it can do its good work while I sleep. I also apply it twice a week in the morning on the days that I scrub, although in all honesty you probably don’t need to apply it as often as I do. My skin was really dull, so I went pretty hardcore and now I just need maintenance.

Price: $43 for 20mL
From: Myer, Priceline and some chemists and health food stores
Why you need it: To rejuvenate your skin so that it is radiant and glowing.

Picture credit: trilogyproducts.com

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