Primped VIP review – Olay Professional Pro-X Anti-Ageing Protocol Kit

Olay really are the shiznitz when it comes to anti-ageing products. Their Olay Regenerist Micro-sculpting Cream is constantly hailed as one of the all-time best face creams, and this new pack could follow in the very big footsteps of its stablemate. Seriously, it sold out in 17 minutes in the US and 7 minutes in China. They sound like numbers you would use when talking about selling out a Justin Timberlake concert, not a skincare set.

There are three products in the kit – Age Protection Lotion, Wrinkle Smoothing Cream and Eye Restoration Complex. It is designed for 35+ skin, as there is a proven ‘tipping point’ in women’s skin when they reach their mid-30s.

Age Protection Lotion with SPF 15

They said: Professionally designed to help boost skin’s antioxidant power at the skin’s surface and hydrates to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Also helps shield from UVA/UVB evilness.
I said: Feels good going on – very silky and light. Smells very heavily of sunscreen, maybe a little more than I would have liked. Reminded me of Olay Complete Defence daily moisturiser. Wasn’t too oily so it was fine going on under foundation for daytime.

Wrinkle Smoothing Cream

They said: Professionally designed to help smooth uneven texture and strengthen skin’s surface with moisture, combating the look of fine lines and wrinkles.
I said: Yep. Felt very rich and moisturising, whilst not being heavy and clogging. I only used it at night as it would probably be too heavy as a day cream. Didn’t have any sort of fragrance.

Eye Restoration Complex

They said: Professionally designed to help restore the eye area by improving the look of dark circles and reducing the look of puffiness and crow’s feet.
I said: My least favourite product of the pack. I only got to use it a couple of times before it caused my skin to break out in a delightful rash. That said, my skin hates all eye creams as a result of years of psoriasis around the eye area, so I won’t hold it against Olay. One of the key ingredients of this product is caffeine, which has been proven in “de-puffing”.

Overall, I was pretty impressed. My skin hasn’t reached the mid-30s tipping point yet, but I certainly saw some benefits from it, so I imagine it would do some serious damage to someone with the right molecular make-up that this is designed for. Bonus: the packaging is really cute. I’m a sucker for anything that looks cute in the bathroom.

Price: $99.99
From: Wherever Olay is stocked – Priceline, Myer etc. Not sure about supermarkets.
Why you need it: You can trust that Olay will always do the right thing by your skin.
In stores: February 18th
Get in line: Reserve your pack over at the Olay Professional website.

Picture credit: Olay

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