Pour a little sugar on me, baby

Swirl and pop. Swirl and pop. When I read the instructions for Benefit Sugarbomb I was like ‘really? Swirl and pop?’ but that is LITERALLY how you use this product! And it is so much fun!

It’s a little box of sugary goodness. After much consultation with my good friend Kat, we have decided it smells like a flower but we can’t quite pinpoint which one. It is four colours in one box – rose, shimmering pink, soft lilac and peach; and you use the cute little brush to swirl them all together before you let loose. It’s not a blush and it’s not a highlighter. It’s an illuminating powder that’s less illuminatey and more glowy. It makes you look naturally flushed and healthy.

As my crude illustration tries to demonstrate, I apply it all over. I start with the apples of my cheeks as that’s the part that I like to have the most colour (you can tell by the big arrow, right?). Then I take it upwards over the temples and across the forehead, before I sweep lightly along the nose and chin. Because it is a really subtle colour, you can build it up quite easily; that is to say, it’s pretty difficult to end up looking like a French whore.

I have been using this for a few weeks now and I love it. It’s a great alternative to liquid illuminator, and it seems to like all skin tones; it has suited everyone who I have put it on so far, which includes olive skin, asian skin and a super-whitey (guess which one was my sister. That’s right, the asian).

Price: $51
From: Benefit – on counters Feb 21st or from Adorebeauty now
Why you need it: For a sweet, sin-free sugar rush aka ‘looks like you got some’
Bonus: Adorebeauty are doing a great GWP (that’s gift with purchase for the uninitiated) when you buy this at the moment – a pocketpal Benetint and gloss that is the perfect size for clutch purses.

Picture credit: adorebeauty.com.au

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