Mother Mary in her habit

So I had to go to a Christening yesterday, which meant going to church. After 13 years in the Catholic school system, my trips to church are few and far between these days. I see a positive in every situation though, and a trip to church meant having to buy a church-appropriate dress (and Boyfriend couldn’t object, since it was his family).

What do I deem church appropriate? Floral and knee length. The ruffle was a bonus, although there was perhaps a little too much cleavage. That said, pretty much everything I wear has too much cleavage. Blessing or curse?

Good things about this dress:
* It looks nice
* Church appropriate also covers off weddings
* It matches my new Lola by Marc Jacobs perfume ring perfectly (best birthday present! Thanks Mama Bear and Papa Bear)

Bad thing about this dress:
* It was probably the only thing in Myer not on sale when I bought it

That’s three against one, baby!

Price: $89.95
From: Myer (it’s Bardot)
Why you need it: So you too can be church appropriate

I really should have photoshopped in a halo

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