Lola…lo lo lo lo lola…

I can’t believe that I haven’t done a birthday wrap-up, but I have to tell you about one of the best presents I got on my big day a couple of weeks ago.

This ring has been scientifically proven to increase the number of compliments you receive in a day by roughly 782%. It’s an attention seeking whore, shamelessly thieving all the adoring gazes and proudly stealing all the thunder from the rest of your outfit. Damn you, Lola, and your flirty ways.

I have already talked about how amazing Lola smells, so let’s focus on her multi-function glory instead. It’s the perfect hybrid – my love of beauty products with my love of oversized cocktails rings. Talk about a match made in heaven.

It’s light, comfortable to wear and looks fancy. Add to that the convenience of always being able to smell good and you have pretty much the most practical piece of jewellery ever. The balm holds up to the heat really well (bonus, in this weird weather were having), plus it comes in a super-cute little pouch. Pretty simple, really.

Price: $65
From: Myer, DJs and selected pharmacies
Why you need it: Like James Brown said “You look good, you smell good, you feel good and make love good”. Lola can definitely help with 2 of those, maybe even 3 and potentially all 4, depending on what turns you on (please keep that to yourself though).

PS – yes, I have chipped it already. I did that the first time I wore it. So clumsy.

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