How to survive humidity and air-conditioning

I’m going to put it out there that my skin always turns to shit in humidity. It really hates the heat and stickiness of outside air, then the shock of my dry, gross air conditioned office. Of course, you can’t use the hardcore thick winter creams in summer because it feels too heavy, but most ‘light’ creams don’t cut the mustard.

In a total fit of frustration about a month ago I raided my cupboard looking for a solution (something! anything!) to keep my skin hydrated but not clogged, and that wouldn’t cause an allergic reaction like everything else I had tried. I came across a sample pot that I was given in the States last year; Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief. I cautiously opened the lid and WOW. It’s a gel cream, with an unusual jelly-like texture that is light and slippery, but not greasy or slimy. Being Clinique, I figured I didn’t have anything to lose so I slapped it on. My skin instantly felt hydrated, and continued to feel hydrated for the following 12 hours. The moisturiser sunk in straight away, so my makeup went on fine and didn’t sink in or slide off. Relief.

The pot recommends applying a thick layer and leaving it for 10 minutes as a mask. Noted. My hint here is to throw it in the fridge first so it’s nice and cool. This product is perfect to use both as a day cream and a night cream, and you can even dab some on over makeup in the afternoon for an extra moisture hit. After using this for about a month now, I am really happy with the results, and I’m bummed my sample pot is empty because now I have to hit the counter (a trip to a Clinique counter never ends with just one product in the bag). Moisture Surge has shot right to the top of my ‘multi-function magic beauty product of choice’ list.

Price: $75 (50mL)
From: Clinique counters
Why you need it: Super moisturising, feels good, not too heavy, not too light (now I feel like cereal), doesn’t clog pores and you can trust Clinique

Picture credit: Clinique

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