Dirty. Salty. Scruffy. Loose. (sounds like some of the girls who were at Good Vibes)

My hairstyle-du-jour at the moment (i.e. this week) is relaxed beach waves (my hair is getting long again weeeeee!!). It’s super quick and simple, and because it’s a messy style, I can look all unkempt and scruffy and just fake that it’s part of the look. And I like faking it (zing! That’s totally not true). Bonus: it’s good second-day hair, and works well with dry shampoo.

I have found the best way to get scruffy waves is with evo salty dog; best sea salt spray I have ever used. Evo have the coolest packaging in. the. world. I feel like I am totally late to this bandwagon, but I go through hairstyle phases so, you know, live with it. Anyway, evo absolutely crack me up with their packaging. As an example, the bottle for salty dog cocktail beach spray says:

Give your hair that fresh from the beach malleability without having to deal with hostile crowds and riot police; be wind-blown; be interesting; be that urban fisherman…you salty dog you.

Clever, witty, self-referential, very amusing. All the packaging is plain white recyclable plastic with the text colour-coded depending on what ‘family’ the product belongs to. It’s the kind of packaging I would create if I were to make my own hair care line, so I feel like this line has been designed especially for “people like me”. Isn’t that what every brand manager wants to hear?

Just in case you’re interested in how I get my waves…

1. Shower. Wash, sing, lather, rinse
2. Towel dry
3. Spray evo salty dog
4. Flip upside down and blow-dry (I saw this in a primped video the other day and high-fived myself because I have been upside down blow drying for years)
5. Loosely tong random bits of hair from the mid-lengths down
6. Rub ends between palms in an “I’m rolling a sausage of play-doh” manner
7. Pout at the mirror and applaud yourself.

Price: $26.95
From: Salons – check the evo website
Why you need it: I hate to say this, but summer is almost over which means you have to fake the sea salt rather than getting the real thing. Plus it smells good.

Picture credit: www.evohairproducts.com

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  1. PinkPatentMaryJanes

    February 16, 2010 at 12:07 am

    I love this stuff. I've tried a few of the salty sprays and nothing's given a better tousle than this!

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