DDF – serious business

I have so much to say about new skincare line DDF (Doctors Dermatologic Formula) that I had to split it into two videos. If you make it through both, then cookies to you.

Meet the range

DDF Skincare – meet the range from Elise Phillips on Vimeo.

As I mention, DDF is stocked exclusively in kit. Pop into a store or Myer kiosk to grab some samples and try it out for yourself. To give you an idea of prices:

Sulfur Therapeutic Mask: $54.95 (113.2gms)
Discoloration Reversal Pods: $104.95 (28 pods)
Wrinkle Resist Plus PoreMinimiser Moisturising Serum:$124.95 (50mL)
Advanced Micro-Exfoliation Cleanser: $67.95 (177mL)

This is a great brand for addressing particular skin concerns, and I have been pretty impressed. I have someone trialling the Sulfur Therapeutic Mask at the moment, so I will report back as to whether hardcore use really makes a difference (so far, so good!).

Thanks to Kat for helping me edit this baby into two vids.

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