Current Obsession: golden grass

When doing my daily rounds of the internet a couple of weeks ago, I stumbled across this beauty and haven’t been able to get her out of my head ever since. El Amuleto is an eco-conscious label from Melbourne, inspired by the colours and mood of Mexico. I have been to Mexico a few times and it is such a beautiful and vibrant country – add it to your ‘to visit’ list if it isn’t on there already.

They have both a fashion and an accessories line that are painfully hip, but I was particularly taken by one cocktail ring that I simply must have. I wonder if there is CRA – Cocktail Rings Anonymous, as I fear I could be addicted. Anyway, the Tijuana ring is made with hand weaved golden grass. This particular grass only grows in the Northwest of Brazil and can only be picked once a year. How freaking cool is that?! Mind you, it’s not like someone just goes running through the field picking bunches; this is one of those situations where the local community use weaving techniques handed down from generation to generation. The local community benefits, El Amuleto benefit and then I benefit. Everyone wins! No fields were harmed in the making of this ring.

If you’re looking for an occasion, my birthday is only 360 days away.

Price: $69.99
From: El Amuleto – they have a boutique at the Docklands Harbour Town in Melbourne and an online store
Why you need it: Eco-conscious, unique and sexy – it ticks a lot of boxes, right?

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