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There has always been a divide between salon brands and supermarket brands. I know in the past supermarket brands have copped a lot of shit, but considering how many salon brands are now being stocked in supermarkets, the river separating them has now become a mere stream. Brands like Toni & Guy, Joico, De Lorenzo, Tigi, L’Oreal Salon and even my beloved kms are all on supermarket shelves and can all be picked up pretty cheap, so you have to think haircare is going the same route as skincare and the lines between mass and prestige are blurring into one big masstige mess.

Where was this going? Oh right. Point is, supermarket brands have come a long way. I can put my hand on my heart and say this because I have been using the Pantene Deep Fortifying Range and it’s pretty spiffy. Pantene claims it ‘reduces hair fall due to breakage’. Eh? Makes hair strong. Beefs it up. Stops it breaking.

There’s the shampoo and conditioner, and also the treatment. Remember when I raved about the 3 Minute Miracle Treatment? I would suspect the two are very similar in formula, being from the same family and all. This way it’s just in a bigger tube.

Price: $7.69 for the shampoo/conditioner and $6.99 for the treatment BUT I have seen a really cool gift pack of shampoo, conditioner, and 3 minute miracle treatments on sale for half price in Coles this week ($10 for all of that, I think?! – I can’t find it online, so it might just be my local)
From: Supermarkets & Priceline
Why you need it: Honestly, it’s quality haircare on the cheap. Save your pennies and splash out on the Benefit Sugarbomb that I’m going to post about tomorrow.


I have two sets of Pantene Deep Fortifying range to give away. And to sweeten the deal, Pantene have thrown in a Mason Pearson comb. I’ll assume you just got really excited by this (and if you didn’t, shame on you). Mason Pearson are the pinnacle of hair tools – I have had my MP brush for 15 years and it is still in perfect condition. These combs are simply a joy to use and I guarantee you will have it for years and years.

How do you win? The first two people who email me with the code word will get the packs. Simple as that. Hint: the code word is hidden somewhere in this post. Make sure you include your postal details*. Email is: sendmestuff@stuffthatibought.com. Subject line is: Pantene.

*I will never keep your personal information for anything but the competition you are entering

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