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As any big-boobied girl will tell you, finding bras to fit is tricky. Finding bras to fit that don’t look like maternity and/or grandma bras is even more tricky. God I wish Victoria’s Secret was in Australia. Thankfully, they ship internationally! Yes, I know we have discussed VS before, but my new order arrived yesterday so I’m all about the bra right now.

Having been to a store and been fitted properly, I know what size I am in VS so I can order online. If you haven’t been fitted in a store, you can still measure yourself at home with their very easy to follow step-by-step bra guide. Then it’s all a matter of choice. Seriously, Victoria’s Secret has so many colours, shapes, patterns, degrees of push-up, that there must be hundreds of thousands to choose from.

Personally, I tend to skip the Miranda Kerr push-ups and go straight to the DD options. Lined or un-lined? Demi or full coverage? This time around I picked 2 of the new VS Cotton, mainly because they come in 21 awesome colours but also because they are on sale 2 for $40. Oh, and because they are full coverage and mega-comfy.

So here I am, writing this blog post in my new VS Cotton pink stripes bra (yes, I look like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley) and VS Pink college trackies (yellow…UCLA…go Bruins!). No top…why would I want to wear a top and hide this beautiful work of art? In fact, I may never wear a top at home again. I’m sure Boyfriend will appreciate it, but I don’t know how our other flatmate will feel. Hmmm…

Price: VS is having a mega sale at the moment – loads of cheap deals! Shipping is scalable depending how much you order; an order under $75 is $28 shipping. (I just bought 2 bras, trackies and a swimsuit for a total of US$131 incl shipping)
From: Victoria’s Secret
Why you need it: a) Bras are really expensive in Aus and b) They are, generally speaking, ugly for the girls with girls. Big boobs deserve to look good too!

Picture credit: victoriassecret.com

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