This week I…

  • Am in Melbourne to enjoy some tennis action at the Australian Open. If I don’t come home, it’s because I have run off into the sunset with Rafael Nadal or Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. I’m not picky.
  • Have had another cold, but Fess nasal spray fixed me right up. Good one, Fess. (Too much information? What do mean we aren’t that intimate yet?)
  • Realised that it wasn’t just a fluke and I had actually found my miracle hair product.
  • Have been taking videos of everyone and everything with the super cute Flip mini video camera. Stalker? Yes. Will hopefully have some videos to share from aforementioned tennis.
  • Had dinner at Bird Cow Fish. I recommend the gnocchi.
  • Started the countdown to my birthday (19 sleeps, just in case you don’t have your countdown going yet).
  • Accidentally got sent American InStyle instead of Australian InStyle at work. Yes, my job is awesome. I devoured that baby cover to cover (although I’m not sure about Whitney Houston on the cover).

Peace, love and forehands,

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