Stats amazing!

In my Real Life Day Job I am a research nerd. “But Elise”, I hear you thinking, “You are far too cool and awesome to be a research nerd. Don’t they wear glasses and carry calculators?” Yes, it’s true. I do wear glasses and carry a calculator, but I’m also busting stereotypes by wearing blue nail polish and a bold red lip (although not together, cos it kind of clashes).

Imagine my delight then, when a press release came through that was full of stats and graphs. I gobbled that shiz up like it was going out of style, carefully evaluating the sample sizes, time periods and any potential weighting factors. Probably not how the poor PR imagined her press release would be received, but combining my love of statistics with my love of beauty was just so exciting!

Sample sizes aside, I can confidently say I endorse the results because I have seen them for myself. On myself. That is to say, everything these results proved, I have also proven because rosehip oil is just that darn good.

Yes, I’m on my rosehip oil soapbox again. When Trilogy tell you that their clinical studies show rosehip oil improves the colour of scars by up to 41% and improves the visible area of stretch marks by up to 43%, you can catch me nodding along sagely. Having the DD’s that I do, I know all about stretch marks. I have been using rosehip oil on my décolletage, and not only is my skin softer and smoother, but the stretchies are definitely fading. This is Very Good News.

Also very good news is how cheap rosehip oil is. I really don’t understand how every woman worth her fine lines and wrinkles doesn’t have a bottle on her bathroom sink. Don’t make me come over there!

Price: $20 for 20mL, $35 for 45mL (go for the big bottle…more cost efficient)
From: Myer, Priceline and some chemists and health food stores
Why you need it: Fine line, wrinkles, dry skin, scars, stretch marks…the list goes on

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  1. eskimojo

    January 31, 2010 at 9:50 pm

    *Sob* i DID have a bottle on my bathroom sink until it took a suicide leap onto the tiles 🙁

    Will definitely be stocking up again, it's doing wonders for scars from that time I fought off a shark, along with stretchies and general skin awesomeness.

  2. the showpony

    February 2, 2010 at 12:08 pm

    ladies, the rosehip goodness doesn't just work its magic on scars but also, ahem, crow's feet. i ran into a friend of mine a month or so ago who i hadn't seen for three months and she asked me if i'd had botox around my eyes. no siree. okay, so i had left my extremely stressful job which was obviously a factor but i'd also been using rosehip oil in place of exxy eye cream… pleasing!

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