Rosehip lovefest – hair

I know I have mentioned this before, but one of my desert island beauty products is rosehip oil. Keeps me hydrated and dewy, heals my spots, cleans my oven – she’s a real smart cookie. So imagine my glee when I realised that three products that have all made it into the A-team beauty routine (we all do this – the A-team is the products you use every day, the B-team is the backups and occasionals) all have rosehip oil in them! No wonder I love them so much.

They are all pretty different products – shampoo, hand cream and skin serum. I’ll give you the run down on each over the next couple of days and then you might consider adding them to your A-team too (I highly encourage this).

After having my hair cut and coloured at Atlantis last month, I started using the Original & Mineral range of products (same people, same philosophy). My stylist advised which products were best for my hair; shampoo for fine hair, conditioner for normal hair – my hair obviously has an identity crisis. The fine hair shampoo is called Fine Intellect and contains chamomile for calming and rosehip oil for condition. Talk about a one, two combo! It’s also chock full of Provitamin B5 for hydration and, most importantly, Fine Intellect, just like all the O&M products, is sulphate, paraben, MIT, propylene glycol, phthalates and triclosan free. Did you know that propylene glycol is in antifreeze?! Yeah, I don’t want that on my hair, thanks.

I have also been using the Maintain The Mane conditioner, which doesn’t have rosehip oil in it, but we can celebrate it anyway because it does have rosemary & sage so it smells good. It also has silk protein so it leaves my hair in good nick PLUS it has UV protection, so it has eliminated one extra step from my routine in summer. High five.

Price: $28.95
From: Check with Original & Mineral for stockists, or grab some online from Adorebeauty
Why you need it: Clean and healthy hair without the chemicals.
Bonus: They look really classy in your bathroom.

Picture credit: Original & Mineral

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