Primped VIP review – L’Oreal Studio Secrets Primer

Time for another round of Primped VIP reviews! This was definitely my favourite of the three products we were sent. I had been stewing over whether to buy the L’Oreal Studio Secrets primer for a while when, lo and behold, it landed in my lap (and I mean literally – when I opened the parcel it came rolling out and landed square in my lap).

The Studio Secrets Professional line was developed as a way of giving the everyday consumer (you and me) access to the sort of products that top make-up artists use. L’Oreal collaborated with Linda Evangelista as, let’s face it (ha!), she has had a lot of slap piled onto her mug over the years so she must know a thing or two about what works.

My first reaction when I opened the Smoothing Resurfacing Primer was confusion. In the jar it smells faintly like nail polish remover (?!) but once it hits skin it just smells kind of…creamy? Powdery? It smelled faintly of my Nan’s powder when I was a kid, which I’m totally cool with because the scent doesn’t linger once it’s out of the jar. As for how it fells, well, it feels really weird – kind of like what velvet would feel like if it was a cream. It has a very distinct texture which is a result of the slippery silicon oil mixed with the powders. Once you buff it in though, skin is silky smooth and flawless. No kidding.

Take a little finger full and gentle rub into areas that need smoothing, like the forehead, around the mouth and the eye contours. Start inwards and move outwards, slowly rubbing it in circles to get it to smooth out. It gives skin a beautiful luminous glow while making it perfectly even – my foundation and blush went on better than it ever had before. Best bit? My foundation and cream blush stayed put ALL DAY.

I had a family thingy on one night last week and naturally there were some photos taken. You know what? I look good in them. Nevermind the fact that I had been at work all day and it was a balmy evening, my skin looked even and glowy. My usual primer is an illuminator, which this is not, BUT, this does have a subtle glow to it and it evens my skin out much more than my usual base. And you know what? It’s about $20 cheaper than my usual primer too.

I have been using this for about 3 weeks now and I’m not quite halfway through the pot. I will say already that I will definitely be replacing it when I run out. Would I recommend it? Yes. Just be careful if you have really sensitive skin because the silicon might clog pores if you use it too much.

Price: $39.95
From: Priceline, Priceline, you’ll pay less at Priceline
Why you need it: I recommend giving it a crack just so you can see what it feels like! Seriously, great stuff if you don’t have 100% smooth and velvety skin already, because you will soon.

Picture credit: My Canon Ixus 85IS and a tripod because my hand isn’t steady enough to take decent macro shots

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