Montra Spa saved my soul

I have to admit that I haven’t been in a great place lately. I won’t bore you with the details, but I’m quite possibly more stressed now than I was before Christmas (which is really saying something). It doesn’t help that I’m a bit sick at the moment and I’m going away on Sunday, so that is just compounding my run-down-ness.

I left work a little early yesterday and on the way home realised that what I needed at that. very. moment. was a massage. I don’t think I have ever needed a massage more. Montra Spa has been on Crown St in Surry Hills for almost a year (maybe more?) and every time I walk past I peer in, but I had never thought to check them out. Silly.

It’s a really sweet little Thai spa, decked out beautifully with shiny wood, artefacts and loads of candles. My massage therapist, Lucky, was so super sweet, but massaging me is like kneading a pile of rocks, so the poor girl really worked hard for her money! I asked for the focus to specifically be my neck and shoulders and she was very obliging, adapting a couple of treatments to suit my needs. It’s always the sign of a good massage therapist when they can chop and change and react to what your body is doing.

After my massage, I sat in the lounge with a warm cloth for my hands and neck, and enjoyed a cup of tea (honey, ginger and spices? Tasty, whatever it was). Good God I walked out feeling better than I have in ages. I’m just disappointed that I hadn’t been in there sooner!

Price: Quick 10 minute massages start at $20. I had a 30 minute thai oil massage for $45, and they do 60/90/120 minute massages (bliss) for $80+. They also do facials and scrubs.
From: Montra Spa – Surry Hills and Double Bay
Why you need it: To rub the knots out and feel renewed.

Speaking of feeling renewed, if posting is a little patchy over the next few weeks, you know why. Well, you don’t know why but hopefully I will be able to tell you about it soon.

Picture credit: – picture is Double Bay spa

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