It’s game, set and match with the Flip

I went down to the Australian Open earlier in the week and, being the spoilt little blogger that I am, I got to take a new Flip Video Mino HD camera with me to try and capture some of the action. Dude, I was SO impressed!

It’s the size of a mobile phone (not as wide as my Nokia E71, but a bit fatter), so it easily slips into your pocket or handbag, it’s light as a feather and all you have to do is flick the power button on the side and you are ready to roll. Add to that one-touch HD record, instant playback & delete, and a rechargeable battery and it practically looks after itself. Little to no effort required – just point and shoot.

It has 60 minutes worth of ‘tape’ and when you’re ready to upload you just flip open the top and the usb pops out. The pop open usb is the single defining feature that sold this gadget to my little sister. Once you’re connected to the computer, you can upload directly to myspace and youtube (how very Gen Y) and it comes with software so you can snap photos from your vids and turn your footage into movies.

I have to say, out of all the features, I was most impressed with the quality. On the little screen it might not seem like much, but the footage is crystal clear and sharp when you get it on the PC (that’s probably the HD). I got my very clever cookie friend Kat to cut a few little bits of what I taped into a short video (please don’t judge me for looking so crap – holy amazeballs I was cold and had been rained on!!) – let me know what you think!

Price: $299
From: Check the Flip website for stockists
Why you need it: To capture high quality video of life’s important moments (like Rafael Nadal’s tooshie)

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  1. Zoe

    January 21, 2010 at 11:57 am

    UMMMM cannot believe how cold it looks in Melbourne! Aussie Opens are usually synon with stinky sweat beads. Camera looks good. So confused on that front right now. Will remain so until further notice.

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