How to attract boys – nice smelling hair

Fact: 94% of boys like girls with nice smelling hair. This is not a made up statistic. It comes from the Institute Of Why Boys Like Girls; they are based in NSW, but work nationally.

Actually, Herbal Essences did a national survey that found over 70% of Australian women think men prefer the scent of their hair over their perfume. To that I say…well duh. I reckon on average Boyfriend compliments me twice a week on how nice my hair smells, but comments maybe once every few months, if that, on my perfume.

There is something very intimate about breathing in the scent of a girls hair, or “hair-sniffing” as I like to call it. It means that the boy has to be in close enough range to inhale your scent, preferably in some sort of snuggling arrangement. Boys like that. Girls like that too. See, mutually beneficial.

Anyway, I tried out the Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship shampoo, conditioner and treatment. It smells like red raspberry and satin. Before you ask me what satin smells like, I have no idea. But the shampoo smells really yummy and Boyfriend was all about the cuddles just so he could nuzzle my hair. Relationship win.

Price: $6.99 for the shampoo & conditioner, $8.50 for the treatment
From: Supermarkets
Why you need it: To make sure that a boy smells your hair

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  1. Andrea

    January 14, 2010 at 10:48 am

    I use the green one- light shamp/cond for oily hair me thinks it is.

    Smells delish! something about tea and flowers.. who knows..

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