Bringing light in – Omnilux

My skin has been in a terrible state the last week. Poor diet, breakout from a dodgy product and a lack of vitamin D has led to, well, this

So I took myself off for some Omnilux and this is the result…

Like I say in the video, I’m now saving for a handheld device with the same passion DJ Tanner saved for her ‘I gotta get a car the day I turn 16’ fund (name that obscure 90s pop culture reference). If you’re looking to make donations, I’ll send you my paypal details!

This is a picture of the Omnilux machine that I stealthily took whilst getting dressed after my treatment. The thing at the top with all the rows of little light bulbs gets lowered down over your face, while you blissfully lie there pretending to be somewhere tropical. A few days later and my skin still feels good. As the therapist explained, one treatment isn’t a miracle cure and you do need continuous top-ups to get the real benefits of tissue repair – all salons that do Omnilux will generally sell a discounted 10 pack for this reason. Mind you, for the price of a 10 pack you could buy the at home device and suddenly become everyones best friend.

Worth noting: I did both of these videos sans fard. Au natural. Naked (naked face, not naked body).

Price: Single treatment is $99 at Ella Rouge – this was the cheapest I could find
From: Check for all salons that offer Omnilux
Why you need it: For plump, healthy and repaired skin that glows. Or to treat oil and acne issues.

Picture credit: Taken at Ella Rouge Bondi Westfield

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