5N5D – Day Three

Day Three: Tuesday

Tuesday = Australia Day! Can I just say how awesome it is when Monday feels like Friday and you get to sleep in on a Tuesday. Australia Day was all about swimming, going to the park and throwing some snags on the barbie (actually, we threw chicken on the barbie – don’t hold it against me). Relaxing++.

Today’s nails were Bling Dynasty – a beautiful metallic gold colour. In my opinion, it is almost like a cross between the bronze Charmed By A Snake and yellow gold Curry Up Don’t Be Late from the India collection (I have been accused of being a walking OPI dictionary on more than one occasion). This baby is a classic, true gold. It painted on well, with two coats giving sufficient coverage. I will say though that metallic nail polish is just that bit trickier to get off because of the glittery pigments. Requires extra elbow grease.

Outfit: Vintage green embroidered dress with the same belt as Sunday

Ease of matching nails to outfit: Surprisingly easy. It probably helped that it was a ‘casual day’, but the gold was like a neutral on steroids. It should be noted that the outfit being green and gold was completely unintentional.

Number of compliments: 3

Likelyhood to wear again: 3/5. A bit of sparkle never hurt anyone.

With flash

Without flash
As you can see, the colour looks slightly different under lights. And I just look crazy.

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