You never have to leave your desk again

Tired of keeping your drink in the office communal fridge? Yeah, me too. Keep it at your desk instead. Then you don’t have to go into the kitchen and make polite small talk with the other people who work on your level. Gosh, I hate that.

Seriously, this was my secret santa gift for my office AND for my extended family (luckily there is no crossover between the two – that could have been awkward!). It’s a mini fridge that fits one can in it and you plug it into your computer via usb cable. Genius! It has a silver disc at the bottom of it that keeps things cold, so it’s probably best suited to cans rather than plastic bottles for quicker cooling.

I got it from and they have all sorts of really cool little gadgets. Some of my favs are the usb mix tape (practical), R2D2 usb hub (practical) and usb arm wrestler (not at all practical in any way, shape or form). Sadly, the fridge is now sold out, but there are always birthdays next year, right? I’m early Feb if you’re interested.

Price: $22.45 (price limits on secret santa were $20, but what’s $2.45 between friends?)
Why you need it: To keep your drinks cold. It’s like something Dwight would keep on his desk.

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  1. Teneal

    December 20, 2009 at 9:02 am

    Freaking awesome. I will be buying this for myself!

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