What do margaritas and body wash have in common?

Since we are talking about New York (kind of), it’s a good time to share the phenomenal pomegranate margarita recipe from Rosa Mexicano. Apart from the fact that they make the guacamole fresh at your table, the pomegranate margarita is the highlight of dining at this fine mexican establishment(s – there are 3 in Manhattan). November and December are when the pomegranates are shipped in to Aussieland from California, so you can easily get them in the supermarket or fruit shop. It’s a fun twist on a traditional boozer – impress your friends.

This recipe is from Roberto Santibanez, Culinary Director of Rosa Mexicano, and comes via cdkitchen.com.

60mL white tequila
15mL Triple Sec
30L fresh lime juice
1 tablespoon fresh pomegranate juice (Can substitute bottled pomegranate juice)
175mL ice (or more)
Garnish with lime wheel or wedge

I figure that since poms are so good for you, you are more than justified in having 3 or 4 of these babies. It’s practically like eating fruit!

Did you know poms are also good for your skin? If it’s good enough for my insides, then it’s good enough for the outside too. I have recently been using the new Weleda Pomegranate Creamy Body Wash and Regenerating Body Oil, and not only do they smell good, but my skin feels great too. The Creamy Body Wash is a lush mix of pomegranate (obvs), sandalwood, vanilla, neroli and blood orange. This isn’t for the faint-hearted – a small amount on the loofah and it really hits you in the nostrils. It’s quite nice in the morning to be slapped across the face by such a vigorous, intense mix of scents. It wakes me up.

As I said, I have also been using the Regenerating Body Oil, which is a very dense, rich oil. Some body oils, like the Neutrogena oil, are quite light and fine for daily use, while this one is much thicker and more powerful. Containing organic oils like macadamia and jojoba, this gets in deep to regenerate cells and nourish with their crime fighting anti-oxidants. You only need the tiniest bit (too much = greasy bear) and it has to be massaged in – just slapping and dashing will create a not so pleasant oil slick. This is a real pleasure to use and my skin definitely enjoys the treat (I know it does because it told me).

Price: Body Wash – $19.50; Body Oil – $37
From: Health food stores and chemists – check the website for stockists
Why you need it: Because you’re worth it. Oh wait, I probably shouldn’t use that line. Am I breaching copyright? But seriously, spoil yourself.

Picture credit: weleda.com.au

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