Turn the computer off and grab a pen

You know what the start of December means…Christmas beatles! Yep…John, Paul, George and Ringo in santa hats. Just kidding; I totally mean the bugs, silly. Those cute little critters herald the arrival of summer and the festive season (in my mind, anyway). The start of December also means putting up trees, walking around in circles at Bondi Westfield and writing Christmas cards.

I’ve mentioned before what a fan I am of the handwritten note, and Christmas cards are no exception. There’s something really personal and heartfelt about even the simplest of handwritten note or card. Don’t you agree? Handwriting can tell you so much about someone’s personality, and people just don’t write anymore. I was cleaning out my bedside table on the weekend and I found a whole stack of Christmas and birthday cards from the last 5 years – it was really special to read back over them and see what friends and family had written. I also found $350 in one of the cards, but that’s another story.

Anyway, you have a few options when it comes to cards. You can grab a generic pack from Coles or the Two Dollar Shop, or even splash out at Myer or DJ’s. Or you could truly do something special and go for personalised cards or Christmas note cards. My current stationary love is French Navy – they do exquisite note cards with matching envelopes which are just a joy to write on. It isn’t a fold in two card, but it encourages you to use your words rather than images. Imagine yourself sitting in your parlour (what? You don’t have a parlour?) with your beautiful calligraphy pen, inking out messages of good tidings to your loved ones in far flung corners of the globe. You could even send them their own set of French Navy stationary to encourage them to correspond back. Clever you – a gift you benefit from too!

My other favourite cards this year are from mooo.com.au. They do super cute and quirky cards – you can either buy the cards on their own OR have them personalised with your name and/or picture. Having your picture on your Christmas card is a very American thing – I remember when I lived there everyone I knew did that, and even now I still receive the odd posed family portrait in the post at this time of year. Not your thing? Just have your name or a message put on the front. I promise you will stand out in a sea of nativity scenes and trees. Plus, most importantly, those who matter to you will linger over your card a moment longer and appreciate your effort.

French Navy note cards
Price: $35 for 10 (and they come in a classy box)
From: French Navy online
Why you need them: For a touch of sophistication

Mooo Christmas Cards
Price: $20 for 16 cards OR from $40 for personalised cards
From: Mooo
Why you need them: For a quirky, personal missive

Note: If you go with either of these options, make sure you send me one!

Picture credit: frenchnavy.com.au; mooo.com.au

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