Stuff That I Can’t Tell You About

I’ve got to say…this time of year is not good for blogging (for me, anyway). I’m still shopping loads, but I can’t really tell you what I’m buying since I know most of my gift recipients, if not all, happen to read this blog (hi Mum!). The presents are steadily piling up under the tree, or they would be if I had a tree, but I don’t want to ruin any surprises so I’ll just have to speak generally for a while (Sunday’s Miijo post should be a hint to…someone).

That said, I’m going to keep doing my best. I have bought two really amazing gifts for our extended family secret santa gift exchange and that is happening the weekend before Christmas, so I’ll post about them the day it happens (unless I crack beforehand; very possible).

On a totally unrelated note (truly) I was given a most definitely excellent present by my almost-brother-in-law two Christmases ago and loved it so much that I have been consistently replacing it ever since. Hand wash. No kidding, hand wash. But not just any hand wash. Oh no. Molton Brown. This is the good juice. It’s like the Rolls Royce of soapy products. It was the most exquisite box set of liquid soap and moisturiser, all tied up nicely in a Molton Brown box with a ribbon and a tag. Sigh. I’m such a sucker for a beautifully presented gift. You could give me poop in a box, but if that box was artfully decorated and lovingly wrapped, I would still be appreciative (for a moment, anyway).

If you’re in the Sydney CBD, I highly recommend you get into the Molton Brown store in the QVB. You can try all their different scents (my favourite is Naran Ji – sweet orange and grapefruit) and choose from a mix of soaps, moisturisers, skin care, hair care and home fragrance products to find that right gift for Christmas.

Price: $38 for the hand wash
From: Molton Brown – Sydney QVB or David Jones
Why you need it: Excellent choice of gifts for Mum, Mother-in-Law, Nan and other assorted people who you have no idea what to buy.

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