Oh dear…

Can I tell you how much stuff I have to blog about?! I have been trying out new hair products left, right and centre (shout out to O&M – you guys kick ass), all sorts of cool new beauty products and obviously with Santa a couple of days away, he will bring a sackload of bloggable goodness too. But honestly, all I want to do is sit back right now with a cold drink and enjoy the warm summer breeze. That’s not to say I don’t love you guys, because golly I do, but this time of year is intense.

It is worth mentioning though that my tipple of choice this week is Smirnoff Grand Cosmopolitan. Smirnoff have done a range of 3 ready to drink cocktail mixers (grand cosmo, pomegranate martini, mojito) and the yumminess is already mixed in the bottle so all you have to do is serve over ice or, if you are clever like me, put it in the freezer to keep it extra cold. So delish.

The Grand Cosmopolitan is Smirnoff No 21™ vodka, Triple sec liqueur, Cranberry juice and a splash of citrus. It’s the perfect blend of hard liquor and sweet juice, and I love that the only effort it requires is to unscrew the bottle top and add some ice to the glass. That’s my kind of cocktail!

Price: $22.99 (700mL)
From: The local bottle-o
Why you need it: Kick back! Relax! Take a load off and enjoy a drink.

Picture credit: wishlist.com.au

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