New Muzak: The ultimate Christmas tune

As far as I’m concerned, All I Want For Christmas Is You by Miss Mariah Carey has always been the ultimate Christmas choon. It’s the only Christmas song I can never get sick of, no matter how many times I hear it flogged on the radio/in the shopping centre/on repeat in the lounge room. BUT! I think I may have found a new hero holiday song.

The absolutely adorable Andrew Allen is an indie singer/songwriter from Canada, and he sits somewhere on the Jason Mraz/John Mayer/Maroon 5 end of the pop spectrum. He’s cute, he plays a guitar and he spouts bubblegum lyrics to make your heart melt while flashing a perfect smile. The kind of guy you could take home to Mum.

He has released a single for Christmas and I am in love.

Check these lyrics!
I wanna be the 12 days wrapped in 1
I wanna be your drummer boy, burrum bum bum bum
I wanna be the eggnog in your rum
I wanna be (I wanna be)
I wanna be the north star that you see
I wanna be the partridge in your tree
I wanna know your Christmas just ain’t Christmas
Without me

Swoon! Make sure you download it and put it on high rotation. Beats the heck out of Jingle Bells.

Price: $1.69
from: iTunes
Why you need it: To get in the Christmas spirit.

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