Light up your life. Or at least your eyes.

I’m going to make an admission. I never understood the fascination with YSL Touche Eclat (Radiant Touch). People would rave on about it with such passion and I would think ‘yeah, sure, it’s not really that great, is it?’ and carry on using my other myriad illuminators and concealers and whatever other shiny stuff I had in the bathroom to try and make the panda eyes less panda-y.

Apparently I was WRONG. YSL is the miracle illuminator that everyone claimed it was. It’s all in the application though – no point spending all that money if you’re putting it on wrong (this is where I say thank goodness for Zoe @ Primped for showing me the light – pun intended). You must first use concealer underneath. Touche Eclat isn’t about hiding the flaws (I *still* use Playboy slap for that), it’s about illuminating your face and using reflective light particles to make it look like you’re all shiny and fresh when you actually need a good nights sleep and a bowl of broccoli. Once I conceal, I do a nice upside down triangle of the juice, let it sit for a few seconds (long enough to spray dry shampoo) and then gently pat it in. Good to go.

I have tried so many different illuminators over the years, and while they are great for cheeks and brows and cupids bows, nothing quite brightens the eye area like this one does. Everything else seems a bit too pearly for the peepers, but this is the right blend of creamy neutral and illuminatey goodness. It’s so good that I’m just making up words now.

Price: $75
From: YSL counters – DJs, Myer and select pharmacies
Why you need it: To reflect all sins.

FYI: have Touche Eclat on sale at the moment for $29.99 + shipping

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