I ♥ NY

Technically I didn’t buy this, but it was just too awesome not to share! We did our secret santa at work and instead of each person drawing a name, we put all the presents in the middle and then drew numbers for the order we picked our pressies in. If someone who went before you got something you wanted, you could trade – fun game! Funnily enough, I went last so I got pick of the litter and I fell instantly in love with one pressie in particular.

New York in a bag! It’s a sweet little drawstring bag with 14 wooden pieces in it (8 buildings and 6 cars) so you can create your own little Manhattan scene. There is a Chrysler building, Empire State building, Guggenheim and Statue of Liberty among the pieces, so you tick all the iconic boxes, plus some extra buildings to make up the skyline. The cars and limos are cute too (limos = so Manhattan), although not necessarily small people friendly, as you can imagine little fingers jamming them straight into little mouths and getting lodged in little throats.

Definitely an awesome present for a massive Upper East Sider like myself (ha! I kid. I’m totally a downtown chick). Cute, cheap and quirky – that’s what I look for in a secret santa gift! (As an aside, the gift I put in totally rocked the kasbah – I can’t wait to tell you about it next week. I have family secret santa on Sunday so will post Monday I PROMISE!)

Price: $14
From: Muji.com
Why you need it: Perfect for New Yorkers and New Yorker wannabes OR you could grab Paris, London or Tokyo in a bag.

Picture credit: muji.com

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  1. Teneal

    December 17, 2009 at 11:55 am

    This is fantastic. I know a few people who will adore it – thanks for sharing the gift idea!

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