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I was out shopping at the Myer one day sale (sidenote: CHAOS) and acting as a personal beauty consultant for my good friend Kat when we landed at the Jurlique counter. I ADORE Jurlique. They have made their way into my everyday life with a variety of products and I could never go back. Everything about Jurlique is organic, fresh from their biodynamic farm in South Australia, so you know you’re getting the highest quality, most beautiful ingredients for your skin. It’s one of the few brands I bang on about constantly, so if I haven’t ranted to you about it yet, I’m sure I’ll get to you eventually.

Anyway, Kat was taking her first steps into the world of Jurlique and I recommended (along with the very smart girl at the counter) that she try the Beauty From Balance Introductory Sets. It’s a smart little set that comes in an egg carton (CUTE) and there are four different sets so you can find the right one for your skin concerns: rebalance oiliness, maintain balance, rebalance dryness and rebalance sensitivity. Each set comes with 5 mini versions of some of Jurlique’s signature products. Kat has some crazy combination skin so she went for the Maintain Balance set – Balancing Foaming Cleanser for cleaning her mug, Daily Exfoliating Cream for gently washing away the dead skin cells, Herbal Recovery Gel (the first Jurlique product I ever bought) to fight those yucky signs of ageing, Clarifying Day Care Lotion to keep skin smooth and hydrated and, my all time fav Jurlique product, Rosewater Balancing Mist. If you have never sprayed your face with Jurlique’s Rosewater Balancing Mist, then you haven’t lived. It’s a light rosewater and marshmallow mist that keeps skin fresh and hydrated. Perfect for setting your makeup in place, keeping cool and staying hydrated when you’re stuck in an air conditioned office or airplane.

These sets are a GENIUS way for newbies to try out Jurlique and find out if it works for them, or for experienced Jurlique lovers to buy mini versions for travelling. You get all the essentials for a proper skin care routine without a huge commitment (not many dollars – big return!). I highly recommend these for Mums, Nans, Sisters, Mother-In-Laws and Aunties for Christmas. As long as you know their skin type, you’ll be laughing.

I’ll have Kat check in for us next week and let us know how she went (you got that Kat? Mark it in your diary).

Price: $59 – a really good deal!
From: Jurlique (they have stand alone stores, counters in department stores, and an online shop)
Why you need it: Because your skin deserves the luscious, organic-ness of Jurlique.

Picture credit: Jurlique

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