Everything went swimmingly with Atlantis Hair

You know those nerves you get when you go to a new salon for the first time – will they judge me? Will they make me feel uncomfortable? Will they ask ‘who did this to your hair’ and criticise everyone else who has ever touched your hair (this actually happened to my friend last week at another salon)? I tried a new salon on Saturday and it was the most welcoming and friendly first salon experience I have ever had. Thumbs up, Atlantis.

Atlantis Hair is tucked away just off Oxford St in Paddington (do you know where Dinosaur Designs is? Right near there) and I knew it was going to be a good day when I snagged an unrestricted spot right outside. Take that, parking inspector! Sophie welcomed me in and I instantly started wondering what I would look like with her perfect blonde long bob. Always a good sign when the staff have definitely excellent hair.

The lovely Larissa did my roots and balayage, and I had full confidence in her because she had beautiful balayage herself. I got a luscious red-brown base on my roots. Did you know all browns come from either a red base or a purple base? True story. A red base gives you a rich chocolate or auburn, while a purple takes you towards the black end of the brown spectrum (and is usually what I go for in winter). The colour looks amazing, if I do say so myself.

Jade did my cut and I’m so pleased to have all those dead ends gone. I’m trying to keep the length, so she fixed up my shape and gave me a little side fringe that is short enough to be styled, but long enough to be pushed back. She also did a blow dry and gave me some body using Velcro rollers. She was explaining how notoriously hard it is to style using Velcro rollers on your own because you have to heat the hair and curl it first using a barrel brush and then set it using the rollers, and that I should just use hot rollers at home instead. Noted.

Atlantis is a really beautiful salon, the staff make you feel really comfortable, everyone is friendly (even early on a Saturday morning) and they use Original & Mineral products, which are all natural and really good juice for your hair. All in all, a positive salon experience. Well played, Atlantis. Think I might go back for a global keratin treatment soon!

Price: Price list here, but I paid $279 for roots, balayage, treatment, cut and blow dry
From: Atlantis Hair, Paddington
Why you need it: To get good hair. Simple.

Picture credit: I did a vain self portrait so you could see how great the colour is.

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