Current Obsession: Holly Jones

Have you met Miss Jones? I have. She is lovely – all shiny and fresh with her baubles and lace and lovely, girlie jewellery.

I bought a friend of mine some jewellery from Holly Jones a few months ago and I have been thinking about it ever since. Thinking about it in a ‘is it wrong if I buy the same necklace that I bought my friend’ kind of way. It probably would be, since it was a big statement piece. The kind of necklace that you wear with the simplest jeans and singlet or LBD and you don’t need to do anything but apply a lick of lipgloss because it carries you and suddenly you’re the centre of attention. Truly.

I’m talking about the Queen Bee necklace from her Je Ne Sais Quoi collection (pictured). Pretty, right? So do I buy it for myself or not? Would you be offended if a friend bought you something unique and amazing and then rolled up in the exact same thing? Yeah, I would probably be cranky too. Oh well, I have a Holly Jones wishlist. I’m sure I can pick something else out! She has beautiful cocktail rings and you know how much I like bold, chunky rings.

Oh yeah, she has a sale on TODAY. Current collections, samples and excess stock reduced by up to 50%. Whee! If you’re in Sydney, pop on over to Neutral Bay (Suite 1, 40 Teo St – til 9pm) and get your accessory on.

Price: $120
From: Holly Jones
Why you need it: Good for gifts; better for you. Spoil yourself!

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