Christmas Checklist – Gift wrapping

I have started wrapping my presents already. Are you impressed? Yeah, I thought so. No please, stop with the applause, you’re making me blush.

Like I said in my baubles post, I like to theme everything. I’m not sure whether the need to theme everything is a sign of creativity or anal-retentiveness. Either way, I enjoy it and that’s all that matters. Last year I did all my presents in silver paper with purple ribbon and used purple baubles as gift tags. This year, I’m using really bright lime green paper, popping silver bows in the corner and writing straight on the paper instead of using gift tags (I bought tags but then changed my mind. Cest la vie). What do you think? It’s kind of a casual approach and not exactly traditional, but lots of fun and my pressies will definitely be noticed!

Funnily enough, as I’m sitting here writing this, my lovely flatmate is wrapping her pressies in some beautiful double-sided paper from Ikea. One side is black and the other is silver with a black filigree pattern. Totally different to mine, but very classy. She is also being a clever little ducky and wrapping strips of alternating paper and silver paper around for contrast, and using silver baubles as gift tags. Feel free to rip off either of our ideas.

Price: lime green paper – $5.99 for 5m; black double sided paper – $4.99 for 3m
From: lime green paper – Target; black double sided paper – Ikea
Why you need it: A present isn’t a present unless it’s wrapped. Make a bit of effort.

Picture credit: Polaroided by

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