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I’m having a bit of a religious phase at the moment. Religious jewellery, that is. I have always had a soft spot for iconography. I love the symbolism and faith of religion, and how each person can find meaning in what would otherwise be wooden beads, crosses and stars. Some friends were having a bit of a debate about this the other day – do you find it disrespectful to wear a Star of David if you’re not Jewish? Or a crucifix if you’re not Christian? I would love to hear your thoughts. Personally, I think that as long as you are respectful and acknowledge that the piece you are wearing holds significance to someone else, then it’s ok.

Anyway, I have most of the majors covered at the moment. I picked up some really sweet bangles last week from Surf Dive N Ski – it was a set of 4 hard bangles with religious charms attached and two wooden bead stretch bracelets, also with religious charms. The brand is Icon 77 and I’ll be darned if I can’t find more than a stockist number for them. I’m also rocking a red string with a hamsa similar to the one I mentioned a month ago. Grazia might have declared Kabbalah strings ‘so last year’ but I like the symbolism of the amulet protecting you from the evil eye.

I have also found the holy grail (zing!) of religious pieces at MarLey Rose. They stock Cristiana jewellery (above right), which is boho chic and a celeb favourite. Think colourful, stackable beads with charming catholic motifs. I remember buying jewellery in Tijuana circa 1992 with charms very similar to these, so it reminds me of a special trip with my family, and makes the pieces feel very vintage. You can imagine some beautiful old lady sitting in the Mexican countryside beading the bracelet while gently thumbing this very crucifix. Or maybe that’s just me.

A couple of my other big tick, lustworthy pieces from Marley Rose are the Ettika rosary wrap bracelet – above left – (currently on sale! Run!) and the Good Charma tassle charm necklace, also on sale (right). Both are sophisticated statement pieces and both make great gifts. For me. Email me for my address.

Price: Icon 77 set – $22.95; Cristiana from $33; Ettika on sale for $56; Good Charma on sale $176
From: Surf Dive N Ski; MarLey Rose
Why you need them: Casual boho chic is a good look for summer. Add a maxi dress and some beach waves and you’re set!

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