Zinc on your nose

When I think zinc, I think stripes of green and blue across my nose as a kid. Remember the school swimming carnivals when you used to have your house name written up and down your legs and arms in a passionate show of Kellerman/Melba/Franklin/Oodgeroo pride (our houses were named after historical Australian women) and there was always that silly girl who didn’t put sunscreen under her zinc and had to come to school the next day sporting a swimming carnival tan with white words scrawled up her red arms. Glad that was never me.

Point is, zinc has changed a lot since the 90s. Take Invisible Zinc for example. While the word zinc conjures images of pore clogging thickness, the Invisible Zinc Environmental Skin Protector is a really light and moisturising cream that sinks right into skin. PLUS this baby is a superfighter. It’s good for all skin types, reflects UV rays (A & B!) and assists in neutralising all the yucky environmental pollutants that do mean things like cause wrinkles and make skin sad. I was spurred on to write about this because I have been passionately using the Invisible Zinc ESP since it launched, and my Dad asked for a recommendation for something strong enough to wear to his outdoor weddings without the whole sweaty white face that seems to come with hardcore sunscreens (background: my Dad is a wedding celebrant and does a lot of outdoor weddings in summer – I highly recommend him, but I’m slightly biased). It might not stop him getting wrinkles at this stage (love you Dad) but it will definitely fight the harsh summer sun while keeping him looking fresh and celebrant-y.

Price: $35
From: David Jones
Why you need it: To fight those harsh UV rays and the evil wrinkle causing pollutants. Bam! Ka-pow!

Picture credit: invisiblezinc.com

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