Wishlist: Lily Allen jewellery

I’m not ashamed to admit that I am a dirty great Lily Allen fan. There is no shame in loving a pop princess, especially when her songs are so fun and catchy and she is stylish and gorgeous. I’m going to see Britney next week, aren’t I? Anyway, YAY that Lily Allen’s eponymous jewellery collection is now available in Australia. I remember seeing pics of the line in Grazia at least 2 months ago, and, just as an aside, it’s really annoying when a magazine is all ‘OMG look at this amazing bag/necklace/dress!!! Yeah, you can’t buy it for another 2 months. Suffer in your jocks‘. It just makes me angry with anticipation, and that doesn’t really make much sense.

The Lily Allen line is exclusively stocked through website Trilby Phoenix, who also sell other really cool jewellery, clothing and accessories. Think of it as the Aussie version of Miijo. (I’m completely in love with the One Of A Kind hamsa bracelet [see above left] and I intend to buy it as a treat for myself for making it through the next 2 weeks, but we’re talking about Lily Allen here so I better not derail this post any more). It doesn’t look like Trilby Phoenix are stocking the entire range, but they have all the most important pieces like the flamingo necklace, panda necklace and poodle earrings. What is it with me and animal jewellery lately? They also have the gold coin necklace, which Lily has spoken about as a reference to her granny who was a gypsy. Very cool. I’m also partial to the smiley face necklace, which is a reference to her Keith Haring acid house tattoos, some of which she had inked whilst in Australia. Ok, now I’m beginning to sound like a crazy fan-girl.

Price: Pieces start at $70 for earrings, $120 for the big crystal animal necklaces
From: Trilby Phoenix
Why you need it: Awesome jewellery and a piece of pop culture – yes please!

Picture credit: Trilby Phoenix

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