Who’s the man in the suit? Who’s the cat with the beak?

I have mentioned Harvey Birdman a few times, but I have never actually introduced you. How positively rude of me! I do apologise.

Harvey is my half bird/half man attorney. I kid! He doesn’t practice law anymore. He retired to go travelling and spend time with Peanut.

My boy Harvey flew in to my living room one really hot day just after Christmas last year and planted himself on the classic literature shelf on the bookcase. Clearly a genius, both in reading material and finding a new owner. He made himself quite at home and didn’t want to leave, and who could blame him really – he has been a member of the family ever since. I would love to tell you he is something exciting and exotic, but he’s a regular old budgerigar. He does have a beautiful Tiffany blue belly, crissum and rump though.

I sometimes wonder if he is hatching world domination schemes in his little lair. He has mastered getting the cage door open but, alas, his lack of opposable thumbs means that once he gets the door open, gravity just defies him and it shuts again. One day maybe he will be lucky. Keep tryin’ Harv!

He will sit quietly for hours and then when you want to record a video blog he wants to chat and/or throw a tantrum (how very fur-child of him). He sings along with music (again, classic sign of genius) and he eats the newspaper from the bottom of his cage which is kind of like reading it – pretty much ready for Mensa.

Harvey Birdman is of course named after Harvey Birdman, the hilarious and surreal title character from the cartoon comedy full of 60s and 70s Hanna Barbara characters. If you’ve never seen Harvey Birdman I recommend you track down the DVDs, plant your ass on the couch these summer holidays and prepare for some head scratching, eye-rolling good laughs!

Harvey Birdman – Attorney At Law Vol 1
Price: $34
From JB Hi-Fi
Why you need it: Perfect Christmas pressie for boyfriend/brother

Picture credit: Thanks to Harvey for posing; capcom.com

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