Stuff That I Grew!

I would like to think I have a bit of a green thumb, but the best I can usually do is green nails. Usually. For the first time ever I have successfully managed to keep a plant alive – in fact I have 8 plants alive at the moment; no mean feat given my track record. I truly have the best of intentions, but plants and I don’t often get along (please don’t think I have the same killer instinct with animals – my budgie Harvey Birdman is almost a year old, touch wood). I am currently cultivating some sort of indoor tree, a peace lily (no lilies yet), frangipani tree (no flowers yet), tomatoes (no tomatoes yet), tulips (no tulips yet), snap dragons (yay! flowers) and basil with some very large leaves. But my pride and joy is my strawberry plant because it has Real Live Strawberries on it! Or rather, it has A Real Live Strawberry. I tell you what though – it smells amazing! I can’t wait for it to get a just a wee bit bigger so I can pick it, whip some cream and enjoyyyyyy.

Price: $3 for seeds
From: Coles

Price: $9 for the pot
From: Flower Power

Growing and eating your own strawberries: Priceless (with thanks to Mastercard for letting me steal their punchline)

Picture credit: my own Canon Ixus 85IS; Polaroided by Poladroid

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  1. Chris

    November 24, 2009 at 9:42 am

    Still looks a bit weird. I'm not eating it yet. 🙂

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