Smoothie? Yes please! All over my lips!

I was cruising the Clinique counter the other day (as I have often been known to do) because I am out of my Blushwear Cream Stick and it’s one of my top 5 desert island products. It is seriously one of the greatest products ever – goes on smoothly as a cream, blends well and sets with a light powdery finish. I have been using the 01 Glow Blush because it is a bronzey colour and works really well to highlight and contour my cheeks (using the word contouring feels kind of dirty, but that’s the best way to describe it). I also have the Rosy Blush, so I use the bronze round the edges and the pink on the apples. If you’re looking to take baby steps into the bronzer market, the Glow Blush gives you a nice healthy colour for summer.

Anyway, while I was lurking around the counter I noticed the Vitamin C Lip Smoothie lip gloss. My brain literally went New. Need. Now. and I grabbed for the tester. Not only does this beautiful range come in six juicy shades with an easy brush applicator, but it’s also good for you (smoothie is a food, after all). It contains acai berry, pomegranate and vitamin c, which are like the ultimate trio of anti-aging superheroes. Kind of like if you got Batman, Spiderman and Captain Planet together, but with less fitted lycra & crime fighting and more wrinkle fighting. I tried out Raisin The Bar and it’s my ultimate natural-lip-but-sexier colour (handy hint: if you ever want to know what shade a lipstick/gloss will look when on your lips, test it on your fingertip – it’s the closest match you will find in colour and texture and thus will give you the truest indication). This is definitely going to be a repeat purchase for me – fingers crossed they don’t discontinue it like they did for my last favourite super balm! Damn you Clinique and your addictive lip products.

Price: Vitamin C Lip Smoothie – $37, Blushwear Cream Stick $43
From: Clinique
Why you need it: Clinique is a brand you can trust – quality product, best ingredients, skin friendly.

Picture credit: Clinique

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