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I’m so totally late to the handbag hanger party. I remember seeing them floating around last Christmas and thinking ‘yeah they’re a nice stocking stuffer idea, but really?’. I think every single Christmas gift guide had them, and there are so many different colours and designs all covered in bling and patterns and crystals and whatnot. Me? I’m not so much of a fan of the flashy bag hanger, BUT I can see their value so I’m pleased that I have found a really nice, basic one. In my humble opinion, it’s actually even more versatile than the bling-on-top-hook-on-bottom design, but let me know if you disagree.

Not only does the Clipa hook onto the table, but it also works on doors, stalls (hello, public toilets), rails, sinks and backs of chairs. It’s a simple spring loaded ring with rubber grips so it won’t move around and it can hold up to 18kg. This is most excellent news if you’re keen on sticking your small child in a bag and hanging them from the back of your chair. Plus, because it’s just a ring you can leave it attached to your bag all the time. I have the polished gold one, so it blends in perfectly with my handbag (comes in silver and gold). That means when I sit down and want to hang my bag up, the hook is already there and I don’t have to go fishing around in the black hole (12 lipglosses and I can never find the one I want!). You could also wear it as a bracelet or tie a scarf around it if you really wanted to accessorise. Fancy.

Price: $29.95
From: handbaghanger.com.au
Why you need it: To keep your bag off the dirty ground

Picture credit: handbaghanger.com.au

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  1. Amy

    November 16, 2009 at 1:37 pm

    Like it!

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