Put a Tic Tac in your mouth and get a bang out of life!

I’m a big Tic Tac fan. Sure, they rattle in your handbag when you walk, but I don’t mind sounding like a maraca for that 2 calorie little hit of sweetness.

Yesterday I discovered what is probably the coolest little blending of two of my favourite things – Tic Tacs and sour candy. I had never seen Tic Tac Bold! before, but my corner store had apple sour and mint. A little bit of research tells me they also come in berry sour, but they aren’t readily available in Aus. That’s fine, I prefer apple anyway.

The box is opaque, not clear like usual, and more rounded than the signature rectangle shape. The little white Tic Tacs look innocent enough at first, all white and shiny and Tic Tac-y, with a pleasant apple taste on contact. But the real magic is in the centre. BAM! Tongue squirming, lip puckering sour goodness. Delightful! My biggest problem is showing restraint and not eating them all in one sitting.

Price: $1.85
From: your local corner store, or wherever you buy Tic Tacs from
Why you need them: For a flavour burst!

Picture credit: calorieking.com.au

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