Product Trial: Invisible Zinc Jet Set Spray Tan

Rather than just me giving you my opinions all the time (which I think are great and all, but I’m kind of biased), I thought I would change it up a bit so you get some different eyes and ears on new products. So without further ado, I bring you the first ever Stuff That I Bought Tan Off! On second thoughts, maybe Tan On is a more appropriate turn of phrase. Anyway.

I had two of my clever cookie friends try out the same Invisible Zinc Jet Set Tan. Both ladies are somewhat inexperienced with aerosol spray tans, and both have different skin tones, which gives us a nice similar-but-different set of perspectives.

Let me introduce our guinea pigs.

In the pink corner – Jo
Skin tone: White. Whitey-white.
Skill level with aerosol spray tan: Not a total tanning newbie, but prefers creams to sprays.

And in the blue corner – Kat
Skin tone: Asian
Skill level with aerosol spray tan: Virgin. Struggled to get the cap off.

What Invisible Zinc Jet Set Tan promises:
• Only two active ingredients (DHA and Erythrulose) for a balanced and streak free tan *Erythrulose is a chemical similar to DHA, which is what tanning products usually contain, but this addition means it’s slower to develop, fades more evenly, lasts longer and gives a better bronze colour
• A special bag-on-valve spray mechanism for an even mist
• Quick-dry formula
• Minimised fake-tan stink

What the girls said:


Colour: Very good; very natural looking. My boyfriend James actually said that I didn’t look tan at all until I pulled down my undies and blinded him with my normal white skin.
Ease of use: Very easy for the front and extremely easy for the back as I had James do it – have no idea how you’d do your whole body without help.
Scent: Very minimal, just a faint touch of that same old fake tan smell. I like that they didn’t try to cover it up with some gross flowery scent.
Streakiness: None.
Drying time: Certainly not instantaneous! It took about half an hour before skin was dry to touch.
Colour strength on your skin tone: Really good – I did about three light layers and I’d say that corresponded to about 2-3 shades darker. I think as long as you ensure the layers you do are nice and light you’re not likely to go way too dark by accident.
Staying power of colour: Not bad. It is starting to come off a bit patchily on my chest now but, to be fair, with moving on the weekend I’ve not really been taking care of it. The can says it may last up to 7 days – I think there might be colour still around on day 7, but it wouldn’t be a nice even tan.

Jo’s overall opinion – I’m quite impressed and would buy it in the future – it’s quick and easy to use and gives impressive results (even if you do have to sit around in the nuddy for half an hour after applying).


Colour: Feet – Orange, Legs – slightly tanned.
Ease of use: It’s very easy to use, but since it’s a clear liquid spray, you can’t tell which areas have been sprayed and which areas haven’t.
Scent: Smells like tanning spray.
Streakiness: Only 1 distinctive one on my foot.
Drying time: 2+ Hours.
Colour strength on your skin tone: Medium (with one coat)
Staying power of colour: I still have even colour after 3 days.

Kat’s overall opinion – Since I was a spray tan virgin, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I did follow all the pre-tanning protocols (exfoliate, lightly moisturise knees and toes) and I only sprayed my legs. I did like the mist spray, however I couldn’t see where I had already sprayed and this was my major annoyance. My (very white) boyfriend asked me to spray him too because he was so impressed.

The Invisible Zinc Jet Set tan gets a thumbs up from each of our testers and a third thumb from me because it was easy to use, good colour and didn’t stink. Pretty much all you could ask for in a spray tan really.

Price: $38
From: Myer, David Jones, Priceline
Why you need it: If you want to tan, it needs to be fake!

Massive thanks to my guinea pigs for trialling this for me, and thanks to the girls at Invisible Zinc for hooking us up.

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