Product Trial: Braun Silk-epil Xpressive Wet&Dry epilator

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My hairy guinea pig and I trialled the new Braun Silk-epil Xpressive Wet&Dry epilator. I am a waxer and she is a shaver so you’ll get two different perspectives on how effective the new wet&dry epilator is and, most importantly, how much it hurts!

What the Braun Silk-epil Xpressive Wet&Dry promises: “The Xpressive Wet&Dry is the first epilator from Braun that is designed to be used both in and out of water. The introduction of in-water use reduces discomfort and provides the gentlest epilation ever from Braun. The Silk-épil Xpressive Wet&Dry is extra kind to your skin, making it ideal for women with sensitive skin and those who are new to epilating. The warm water helps soothe the body and the massaging rollers help comfort the skin, so that hairs can be removed gently. Hairs are removed at the root so the skin will stay smooth and beautiful for up to 4 weeks.”

Let’s meet our guinea pig:

Yarni – shaver, cricket fan, second funniest person I know

Length of time shaving: With the best intentions a 13 year old can have when planning her hair removal future, I had my legs waxed until I was 15. However, once the sun from the Summer of ’97 hit, it was straight to the razor, ne’er to look back.

Frequency of shaving: A male classmate once called me “Gorilla Legs” at a primary school swimming carnival. Justin Garlick, you owe me 10 years of therapy. With this in mind, I shave every two days.

Pain threshold: Massive sook. Massive.

Length of time took to do a leg: So, apart from one failed epilating attempt when I was 17 (Emjoi Gently? Uhhh no.) this was my first attempt with an epilator. I didn’t time myself, but I think it was around 30 minutes for one leg. It would have been much faster if I wasn’t a Massive Sook. I also have to admit that I did one leg and then decided I needed a ‘rest’, so did the other leg the next night. The second time around I was a lot faster; maybe 10 to 15 minutes.

Pain level: Bearable. Less than I thought, that’s for sure. There were parts of my leg that hurt a lot more than others (such as around the ankles) but I found if I did it directly under the water it hurt a lot less. Basically the water washed away my sorrow and took away my pain (yesssss Madonna reference.) Keeping the skin taut was also helpful.

Smoothness rating: You know a baby’s bottom? Yeah, not my leg. There are some hairs that it didn’t grab, and some I think that broke off rather than being pulled out, but these were fairly minimal. If someone had said, ‘Hey Yarni, can I touch your leg?’ I would’ve said, ‘Totally, man!’ and not felt bad about it. Even Justin Garlick.

Length of time hair took to grow back: It was probably about a week later, but it’s nothing like shaving regrowth. It was a lot sparser and much, much less noticeable. Gorilla Legs rejoiced.

Would you use it again: Heck yes I would. How else am I going to be able to deal with four nights of camping without a shower at Falls Festival? In all seriousness though, I’m a definite convert. The pain was nowhere near as bad as I imagined it to be and the results are worth it.

Elise – waxer, lover of pie, funniest person I know

Length of time waxing: Every 3-4 weeks for the last 5 years. No wonder I have no money.

Pain threshold: I can fall asleep during a leg wax these days, although not the case for a bikini wax. Make of that what you will.

Length of time took to do a leg: You need to book time in the diary for this cos it’s not quick, but I reckon it took 20-25 minutes all up. And I apologise for all the water I used.

Pain level: Definitely bearable. Didn’t hurt as much on the firmer parts like my calves (these were also easier to do). Doing the wobbly bits was a bit trickier and a fraction more painful, probably from all the moving flesh.

Smoothness rating: My waxer is going to be most disappointed in me. We worked for so long to get all my leg hairs ‘in sync’ i.e. growing at the same rate. I got impatient and used the epilator halfway through my waxing cycle, so the smoothness didn’t last long with all these new little ones coming through. But almost 2 weeks later and I’m still wearing a short skirt no worries. Plus, this baby can pull the short ones (from 0.5mm), so I’ll be able to grab them this weekend and hopefully be back in sync again (all this talk of in sync has gotten Bye Bye Bye stuck in my head).

Length of time hair took to grow back: a week or two, but that’s because of my out of sync hairs.

Would you use it again: Ab-so-frickin-lutely! The cost of this baby is the cost of 3.5 waxes for me, so 3 uses and it has paid for itself. Plus I don’t have to make appointments, I can use it when I need to and every few weeks I get to enjoy a long, hot shower.

Also wanted to add: You know how when you get a wax and you have those horrible red dots on your legs for a few hours afterwards, meaning you can’t flash your legs until the next day? No red dots with this. So I can do my legs in the morning and wear a skirt in the arvo. So convenient!

Overall verdict: This is a winner for both waxers and shavers. The fact you can use it in the shower is what seals the deal, because the use of water makes the whole thing a lot less painful. It’s a money saver for waxers and it will thin out the hair of shavers. Wins all round.

Price: $208.95
From: Department stores and electrical places
Why you need it: For smooth silky legs without stubble or having to wait for your waxer.

Picture credit: Braun; Polaroided by Poladroid

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  1. Sassi

    November 26, 2009 at 11:01 pm

    I told you you would love it and become converted!!! The pain lessens, for me it's a breeze 'cause I've been using them forever but this is by far the most superior version I've ever used!
    And I love the light, it shows you where you've missed a hair!
    And you know what I do, I do them when I'm on the loo at home, I have it sitting on the sink and everytime I sit down on the loo I do some of my leg rather than sitting down for 10mins in one hit!
    You definitely get faster with using it over time.
    Great review lovely.

  2. T

    November 7, 2011 at 12:04 pm

    Nice review 🙂
    I really wish I had one of these. They're so expensive where I'm from and I've looking everywhere for a giveaway but can't find one.

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