Price check: the week in stuff

It has been a big week in Stuff this past week. Loads going on. Lets cover it all in point form:

  • I had a massage on Friday from the best beauty therapist in Sydney. I think I’m still floating 2 days later. Bliss.
  • My order from Urban Outfitters arrived on Friday (it was a big day for me). Everything fit and looks amazing, so I’ll tell you more about it later this week.
  • I spent yesterday out at Eastern Creek, hooning up and down the drag strip for the Galmatic Defensive Driver Training Course. It was so much fun! I’ll also cover this some time during the week, complete with pictures and potentially video as long as you promise not to laugh.
  • My nails are currently a delicious jade green colour a la Chanel, thanks to Orly Mint Mojito. The jade green nail trend train is starting to leave the station (nail trends are so fickle) but this is a great colour and I’m enjoying the change after weeks of greys and pinks.
  • I tried out a new fake tan today. Fingers crossed for no streaks! On the plus side, it smells like brown sugar and not yuck tan potato smell.
  • Borders now does online shopping and they have free delivery. This is freaking awesome and a half!
  • My sister and I have forked out inordinate amounts of money to see Britney Spears lip-sync tomorrow night. I can’t decide if I’m excited or if it’s only going to shatter all my childhood fan-girling.
  • My pizza is on the way so I should probably put my pizza eating pants on (they look suspiciously like pyjama pants). Yes, I ordered pizza on my own on a Sunday afternoon. That’s how I roll.

Orly Mint Mojito – from the Tiki Time range
Price: $18.95
From: Blooms Chemists
Why you need it: To ride the Chanel jade green trend train

My final thought for the day – as I’m writing this, the golf is on television in the background and one of the commentators just said “All the players know him and know him as a player”. Wise words. I think there’s something in that for everyone.

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