I wanna be a Beatle!

I think we’re a fairly typical household when I say we have an Xbox, a Wii, a PC, 3 laptops and a Nintendo DS (please don’t rob us!). For shame, we don’t have a PS3, but Boyfriend promises me it is on the way (and can be a tax write-off because of his job). That said, just because our house looks like a games arcade, doesn’t mean the consoles get much loving. I occasionally play some sport on the Wii and Boyfriend plays soccer on the Xbox, but we now have an excuse for pulling out the guitar and switching the Xbox on more regularly. The Beatles.

Rock Band: The Beatles is the same principle as all the other rock band/guitar hero games (guitar, buttons, follow the colours on the screen), but the difference is in the music and the incredible animation (see the intro clip below). If you’re not a Beatles fan then best tune out right now, because there is much gushing and fawning over the Fab Four.

They have used a great cross section of their popular tracks and their lesser known tracks from across their whole career, so there is plenty of variety. My favourite Beatles song isn’t on there just yet (Eleanor Rigby, just fyi) but I’m hoping it will appear down the track as I progress through the levels and unlock more songs (if it isn’t in there, please don’t tell me and ruin the surprise). You can either play in quick-mode by scrolling through the menu and picking your song, or by working through the story; starting at the beginning of their career at Liverpool’s Cavern Club in 1963 and going by venue by venue (and unlocking songs/levels as you go).

The beauty of Rock Band is the fact that 3 people can play at once, with a combination of guitars, drums and microphones. We only have a guitar, so bring your instrument around and play with us! (and that totally isn’t meant to sound as dirty as it does)

Price: $99.95 for Xbox and PS3, $79.99 for Wii
From: EB Games, JB Hifi etc
Why you need it: To play through a brilliant musical documentary of one of the worlds greatest boy bands.

Late edit: just after I finished writing this, Boyfriend actually finished the whole game. He unlocked a whole bunch of pictures and video clips, but no Eleanor Rigby. Fingers crossed it’s in the downloadable content!

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