Get back in the kitchen and make me some pie!

I have found the bestest, most wonderfulest, most awesomest cookbook ever. See how awesome it is? So awesome that I’m making up words now. THAT’S how awesome.

I was brought up, like many Australians, on a steady diet of food produced using The Australian Women’s Weekly cookbooks. These books are like bibles – I challenge you to find me a home that doesn’t have at least one. I can sit around with any group of friends/colleagues/randoms around my age and guarantee we can all talk about which cake Mum baked from the cake book (I had, amongst others, the butterfly and the swimming pool). The recipes are idiot proof and guaranteed to work since they are triple tested in the Women’s Weekly test kitchen – big call, but they are pretty difficult to stuff up.

Anyway, Women’s Weekly have just put out their latest offering called Eating Together. It’s a really beautiful A4, 400 page soft cover cookbook full of glossy images of happy people and food porn. The recipes are all designed to be shared; whether it’s breakfast with friends, a cocktail party, family dinner or baking in the kitchen with Grandma. I have cooked a few things from it so far (pecan pie – yum!) and flagged about 30 more pages of stuff that I want to try. How very fortunate for my flatmates.

As an added bonus, there is a really hot blogger that you may or may not know featured on pages 366/367. In my not-so-humble opinion, these pictures really make this book worth buying.

Price: $39.95

From: Bookstores

Why you need it: Would be an excellent Christmas present for Mum/Mother-in-law (that’s a hint as to what I will be buying my Mum/Mother-in-law this year)

Picture credit: The Australian Women’s Weekly

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